Main Healthcare Pharmacy

Extended Care Pharmacy Services


Our consultant pharmacists are nationally trained and knowledgeable in the current accepted Clinical Practice Standards.

Technology Solutions

We specialize in a variety of technology solutions including Framework Link, Framework HL7, ATP Series Automatic Tablet Packager, and InspectRxTM.

Dispensing Systems

We offer a variety of medication delivery systems tailored to meet specific needs. We will work with your staff to determine what works best.

We are dedicated to providing you the best service possible and the products that you need.

Meet the Main Healthcare Pharmacy Team
Main Healthcare Extended Care Pharmacy is the premier extended care pharmacy servicing eastern Iowa and Western Illinois for nearly 40 years! Our experienced team of pharmacy professionals offers a personal commitment of quality and service to your care center. Main Healthcare Pharmacy got its start nearly 40 years ago under the guidance of Bill Burke. Bill realized there was a need for Long-term care pharmacy around the Quad Cities Area and opened Main Healthcare Pharmacy under the same roof as his community based pharmacy Main at Locust Pharmacy.

Lisa Ploehn and Ann Cypher, Bill’s daughters, have since continued Bill’s tradition of care and service since his passing several years back. Main Healthcare Pharmacy has since grown and moved locations, now located in Bettendorf, Iowa just a few miles away from Main at Locust Pharmacy in Davenport.

Main Healthcare has continually grown over the years and now has two locations the Main branch in Bettendorf, IA and its newest facility in North Liberty, IA to better serve the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Areas. Main Healthcare Pharmacy is large enough to give your care center the services it needs, and small enough to give you the care you deserve!