Dispensing Systems

Main Healthcare Pharmacy offers multiple dispensing options to best fit your care center’s needs. We offer monthly punch cards, multi-dose/single dose strip packaging, 14 day Opus cassettes. We realize all care centers are different and have a unique requirements. That is why Main Healthcare lets the care centers choose what dispensing option works best for them. We offer all our dispensing options at no extra charge and we encourage our care centers to seek our expert advice in choosing the right system. Our staff’s years of experience in extended care pharmacy can help you make the right decision for your residents.

Punch cards

Punch cards are easy to use, light weight, and are tamper evident. Punch cards are the preferred dispensing system for many care centers because they are so simple and efficient for medication dispensing. Main Healthcare Pharmacy will allow the start dates to vary depending on the needs of the care center and we always work to customize the process to each group of residents.

Medication Pill Packaging Sheet

14 Day OPUS

Another choice of dispensing systems offered by Main Healthcare Pharmacy is the Opus unit Dose System. This system was created in the late 1970’s by a pharmacist in Omaha, Nebraska and continues to be available from Main Healthcare Pharmacy. Nurses that use this system appreciate it’s easy to use and manageable size as well as the color coded time-pass system.

Image of 14 day Opus medication organizer