Technology Solutions

Framework Link

Offer your facility staff the power of effective communication and robust information with trackable, functional FrameworkLink. This web-based companion product to FrameworkLTC helps facility staff share knowledge, track shipments and automate a number of daily tasks, while it supports pharmacy staff with better, more accurate information. Enrich every phase of the LTC pharmacy process with the dynamic information-sharing of FrameworkLink.

Framework HL7

Integrate today’s medical technologies with your pharmacy workflow for new dynamic opportunities using FrameworkHL7. This companion product to FrameworkLTC becomes your connection to a whole world of added functionality and efficiencies, including electronic medication administration records (eMAR), EHRs, remote dispensing, and packaging technologies. Enjoy labor-saving solutions and improve accuracy with credible information at your fingertips.

ATP Series Automatic Tablet Packager

TCGRx’s ATP oral solid packager is engineered to provide better performance and greater reliability; making it the industry’s most advanced pouch packaging solution. TCGRx’s system is the only system on the market that allows 100% automation of formulary medications through the ATP and 100% verification of tray medications through the exclusive and patented Universal Lighted Tray. The ATP system facilitates both unit and multi-dose packaging by easily switching out the lower packaging unit which reduces downtime and provides on-site redundancy.


The InspectRx is a safe, fast, and accurate Medication Pouch Inspector. InspectRx provides visual inspection of 60 pouches per minute, identifies incorrect medications, and flags exceptions for pharmacist review. The optional collation unit, InspectRxPro™ further enhances the capabilities of InspectRx by sorting, rolling, cutting, and taping medications by patient, and isolating any pouches that are determined to contain errors.


Accu-flo is a complete point of care solution specializing in the accurate tracking of resident healthcare data. The Accu-flo solution is user friendly and customizable down to the resident level for each facility’s needs. Accu-flo offers the ultimate in recorded medical information details – this includes: medication and treatment administration, behavior monitoring, and resident personal care. Accu-flo’s seamless bi-directional interface with the pharmacy management system allows instant exchange of information between the pharmacy and facility. Accu-flo’s use of industry standard interfaces makes it compatible with most EHR systems.

Unparalleled Support

Accu-flo utilizes a proven five step process to ensure success both during the implementation as well as ongoing:

  • Implementation package – Accu-flo provides a complete implementation package with keys to a successful product launch.
  • Implementation Guidance – Accu-flo offers every facility extensive implementation guidance and expertise.
  • Training- Accu-flo offers four forms of training for each facility:
    • Web-based learning program
    • Live classroom training
    • Administrative webinars
    • Shadowing caregivers during the medication pass
  • Post Implementation Guidance- Accu-flo’s post implementation is provided with a live follow-up
  • Live U.S. based customer support team- Accu-flo’s professional employees  continue the positive support experience by answering all calls or emails and resolving service issues or questions 24/7, 365 days per year.

For additional information contact Accu-flo sales at 1-888-339-7050 ext. 115
Find out general information on Accu-flo here: Accu-flo Rx 30

Accu-flo is the complete solution:

  • Dramatically reduces errors and time spent on medication distribution
  • Reduces staff labor hours allowing staff to focus more time on resident care
  • Enhances facility workflow by automating communications with the pharmacy eliminating duplication of effort and saving time
  • Records resident personal care at point of care or from any workstation
  • On-demand retrieval of data and reporting, including the MAR/TAR/POS from any computer
  • Eliminates the month-end change over process
  • Allows facility to be “survey-ready” at all times
  • A serve or web-based solution
  • Personal Care/ADL tasks
  • Flexibility – Accu-flo’s use of industry standard interfaces makes it compatible with most EHR systems
  • Extensive reporting system including clinical, regulatory and quality assurance reports
  • Ensures complete documentation of resident care:
  • Medications and Treatments
  • Behavior monitoring
  • Clinical protocols
  • Focused resident assessments
  • Minimizes staff oversight through automated clinical alerts
  • Built in safe and secure bar code scanning technology at point of care, compatible with unit or multi-dose packaging